The Best Remote Team Tools for Collaboration and Productivity

Some time ago, collaboration was a pain for people who worked remotely. There were little to no tools that would allow them to work effectively together. Now, with so many tools available, you have to make the decision of which is best for your team. This article will give you a rundown of the top five best remote team collaboration tools and some tips for using them most effectively.

No matter what size your company is, there is a tool that can help with collaboration and productivity. Whether you’re using a remote team or not, these tools can help make your work life easier. 

We’ll take a look at some of the best remote team tools for collaboration and productivity, and explain why they’re so great. 

Whether you have a small team working from home or you have a larger group scattered all over the country, these collaboration tools can make your work life much easier. 

We’ll cover tools like Trello, Asana, Slack, and Zoom for collaboration and productivity. 

So whether you’re looking for ways to improve communication or to get more work done, these tools can help!

Collaboration tools for remote teams

Remote working is becoming more and more popular, but it can be hard to get the most out of your team’s productivity when you’re not in the same room. To make collaborative work easier, here are five tools for remote teams.

1. Slack:

Slack is a chat app that’s been popular with remote teams for a while now. It has features like private channels, threaded conversations, and detailed chat logs that make it a great tool for tracking progress and communication. However, if you are struggling to get your potential clients and want to generate more leads, then Incrementors will boost up your sales plan by doing the same.

Slack is one of the most effective collaboration tools for small, medium, and large organizations.

2. Asana:

Asana is another popular chat app for remote teams. It has features like task management, Kanban boards, and collaboration features like voice and video calls.

3. Trello:

Trello is a card-based project management tool that’s especially helpful for remote teams. It lets you organize projects by board, list, or card type, and it has features like cards that can have attachments and comments.

4. Zoom:

Zoom is a video conferencing service that can be helpful for coordinating meetings between remote team members. It has features like group video calls, audio/video recording, and transcription services. 

Zoom helps your company hold affordable and high quality conference calls.

5. Google Docs:

This is the go-to document hosting service for many remote teams, but if you’re going to get involved in a team that has its own internal documents, you might want to check out Google Drive. 

It’s free and it has features like editing, sharing, and searching. It also has a feature that allows you to store your documents in the cloud, as opposed to having everyone access them on their own computer. Google Docs and Drive are both free.

7. Zendesk:

Zendesk is an excellent customer service software that can be used to chat or moderate support forums for your business because it has in-app messaging capabilities, phone/video calling, live audio/video chat, and mobile device integration. 

Zendesk provides several corporate SaaS solutions, including sales, customer support, and collaboration tools.

8. FastCast:

FastCast allows you to stream your video conference calls directly from the web browser via any computer with internet access. That means no headaches when it comes to setting up streaming software on every computer in your company.

9. Vimeo:

Vimeo is an online video hosting service that allows you to upload, watch and share your favorite videos. 

10. Quora:

This question and answer website is great for finding answers to any questions that may pop up. It also has an awesome community forum where users have been known to actually get things done!

Quora is a great brainstorming platform.

Productivity tools for remote teams

When establishing a remote team, it’s important to make sure you’re using the right tools to help productivity. Here are some of our favorite tools for collaboration and productivity:


One of the most popular chat applications, Slack helps teams communicate quickly and easily. It has a wide range of integrations with other applications, making it easy to get work done.


A project management application that’s popular with startups and small businesses, Trello makes it easy to manage projects by tracking tasks, deadlines, and resources. It also has a built-in chat feature for real-time collaboration.


A note-taking app that’s used by both professionals and amateurs, Evernote is perfect for keeping track of ideas and thoughts. It has a variety of features for collaborating on documents, including voice notes and file sharing.

Evernote is one of the best productivity and collaboration tools.

Google Drive:

Google Drive is a versatile cloud storage platform that’s great for sharing files with teammates. It has a variety of features for managing files, including group editing and file sharing. Additionally, it has integrations with a number of applications, making it easy to stay productive. 


Box is an excellent collaboration and storage app for teams. It features a feature called “versioning,” which enables users to share and manage files across multiple devices. It also has an integrated cloud storage service, making it easy to collaborate with teammates on documents.


Dropbox is a versatile cloud storage service that’s great for storing important files and work-related documents. It has integrations with a number of applications, making it easy to stay productive. Additionally, it includes a file sharing feature that’s perfect for team projects.

Dropbox has been a go-to cloud storage solution for more than a decade now.


Gmail is one of the most popular email platforms for sales and lead generation in the world, regardless of profession. Google Docs also boast compatibility with Gmail apps. This means that you can easily communicate through email with your teammates.

Microsoft OneDrive:

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud storage service that’s perfect for storing important documents and files securely. It has integrations with a number of applications and services , as well as the ability to create private folders.


When it comes to collaborating on projects or working from a remote location, there are a few tools that stand out as being particularly useful. Whether you are working with team members across the globe or just need to be able to stay in touch and share files easily, these tools can help make your work life easier. If you’re looking for a way to improve productivity and collaboration within your business, consider using one of these tools.

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