Facebook Suffers Massive Glitch Affecting Celebrity Accounts

User reports indicate a problem with Facebook affecting their feed. The META-owned social media giant seems helpless in combating several accounts that are posting to celebrity accounts with millions of followers.

Facebook users are baffled after several spam posts on celebrity accounts.

The problem was first reported on 24th August 2022 by thousands of users. It’s not clear whether it’s a bug or a coordinated attack. Affected accounts include Michael Jackson, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, KSI, Joel Osteen, Fareed Zakaria, Chris Brown, Willow Smith, Logan Paul, Nicki Minaj, Henry Cavill, Johnny Depp, and Paramore.

Meta is yet to comment on confusing posts on user feed.

Facebook’s management wasn’t immediately available for comment. In case you see several baffling posts from celebrities you follow on Facebook, don’t be alarmed. It’s not your personal account that’s under attack. The issue also seems to be affecting both the web and app version of Facebook. We’ll keep updating this story as it develops.

Facebook hasn't commented on the glitch that caused the spamming of celebrity accounts.

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