4 Best SEO Tools That Bloggers Use to Drive Traffic to Their Website

With so many articles being posted on the web daily, the odds of your blogs appearing on the search results are minimal. The best approach to staying on top of the search engine list is through using SEO tools to monitor your web pages and increase traffic to your website.

Increasing traffic to your website depends on the number of clicks your web pages get. With the help of an SEO tool, you can maximize the number of clicks you get by over 70%.

Although using an SEO tool is crucial if you want your web pages to be among the search results, choosing the right one is important if your pages are to rank highly on search engines.

Consider the following 4 best SEO tools available that are free and best suited for your blogging business:

Rank Math Plugin

RankMath plugin SEO tool

The WordPress search optimization tool called the rank math plugin works by recommending the appropriate settings for your website’s performance that will make it stand out on the Google search results. With it, you can optimize every page of your website and display it how you want in the search engine.

When using Rank math, you first need to set it up using the setup wizard toggle on WordPress; go to WordPress dashboard and click on wizard installation. It will install the Rank math plugin on your website.

Go through each setting, and once done, submit your website to google web console, which will inform Google or any other search engine about your website.

Lastly, submit your sitemap. Rank math automatically generates a sitemap for your website making it easy for search engines to interpret it.

  • You first navigate to site maps,
  • Input the sitemap code or index
  • Click submit and the plugin will submit it to google.

 Google Analytics

Google Analytics shows you important website metrics

Google Analytics (GA) is an awesome SEO tool that was launched by Google in the year 2005. It provides websites with a free tool to analyze web pages and track website traffic.

GA provides bloggers with in-depth data about the people visiting their sites, the site contents. It also provides them with suggestions on the best ways of rearranging their website to give them an appealing outline that is easier to read.

Using Google analytics is quite simple.

  • You first create a google analytics account. Visit the google analytics site and ensure you sign in as a free user.
  • Add it to your wordpress website. To do this, go to the wordpress websites and under plugins add google analytics as one of the plugins of your website.
  • Go to the google analytics dashboard where the performance of your website will be shown.



Ahrefs consists of a seamless number of tools: a site audit, site explorer, keywords explorer, content explorer, and a rank tracker. It comes with an interface that is easy to navigate. There are different ways to use Ahrefs to increase traffic to your website.

For best results, use it to view your competitor’s pages and get insights for your website.

You can also use it to find less competitive topics and have a high chance of increasing traffic to your website.

You can also go for the content gap analysis, where you find keywords leveraging your competitors and ranking them on the search engine where yours isn’t.


Ubersuggest dashboard

Ubersuggest is a free search engine optimizer with many great features, such as the domain over the viewer. It also suggests keywords that will help your web pages be ranked at the top by the search engines.

It is simplified so that you do not require any credit card details when creating an account. Once you’ve logged in to their dashboard, type your website’s domain name and let Ubersuggest analyze it for you.

You can also go for the keyword option, where Ubersuggest will explore your keywords to see if they will give you the best results.


To sum it up, if you have been having difficulty ranking your website on the search engine, then it’s about time you tried out these amazing SEO tools which will suggest the best approaches to rank your website among the top on the search engine.

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